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Here’s How Police Will Enforce Legal Removal Of Masks Come July In Malta

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Malta’s health authorities have revealed how police officers and other enforcement officials will be enforcing the upcoming allowance for people to remove their masks if they are fully vaccinated. This allowance is set to go into effect for people in groups of two on the island from July.

Speaking during her weekly national press conference, Superintendent of Public Health Charmaine Gauci explained that officers will be empowered to approach people and request to see their vaccination certificate and their ID card.

The officers will then ensure that the ID card matches with the name of the person who was vaccinated. If so, they will not be fined.

“In July, people who are fully vaccinated will be able to outside into public spaces and will be able to remove their mask,” Gauci said. “If they are with another person who is fully vaccinated, they can stay together with their masks removed – but groups of more than two need to remain masked.”

“Right now,” she continued, “when someone is not wearing a mask, police can ask them for their ID card physically. Similarly, when July arrives, people outside without masks can be asked for their vaccine certificate as well as their ID card to check that they match, and if the person has a vaccine certificate, then that person will not be found guilty over not wearing their mask.”

You can follow the full press conference below:

Gauci continued to say that the certificate would be used in a similar way to travel abroad.

However, she noted that clearer details on masks, as well as other things such as accessing live events, will be given out over the next few weeks.

Gauci reiterated that the government was taken a “very cautious” approach to the ongoing pandemic, which is why Malta’s COVID-19 numbers were dropping and stabilising.

What do you make of the new procedure?

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