All The Dead Fish In Xemxija Bay Have Left A Nasty Smell, But That's Not Stopping Fishermen

'In reality, it's not the fish that stink but the actual feed from the fish farm'

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A number dead fish have been washed up into Xemxija Bay a week after a historic storm hit Malta with gale force winds, destroying fish farms and releasing tons of fish all around Malta and Gozo.

While so many of the fish were caught and taken home by those brave enough to weather the storm or those who got the rods out and went fishing this week, a substantial amount of dead fish have still washed up in the bay.

Xemxija Bay was witness to some intense scenes, with massive waves literally churning out scores of fish onto the nearby road as they struck the rocks with speed and strength.

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People questioned why so many dead fish were being left in the bay, while another person blamed the smell on the fish's feed on something else.

"In reality, it's not the fish that stink but the actual feed from the fish farm," the person said.

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Fishermen have been spotted all over the islands, from Mistra to Sliema to Gozo, since the medicane that swept copious of sea bream onto the islands, with so many more of the fish-farmed fish being seen in inlets and bays around the island.

Photos: Lou Cacciattolo

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