Cats Left For Dead In Marsascala

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Stories of animal cruelty continue to surface on social media. We've seen abandoned puppies and tortured dogs, and in this latest post on RUBS Puppy Love Facebook group – a heartbreaking image of two cats left for dead in a road in Marsascala.


Nearly 500 comments were made on the post, all condemning the culprit. Although the cause of death is unknown, sights like this on Maltese streets point to the fact that people may not be fully aware of the animal rescue teams that work around the islands.

If you are aware of a case were an animal is being treated cruelly or inappropriately, or if you find an animal injured or dead in Malta please report it to Animal Welfare Department (+356 22924132 , +356 22924113 and +356 22924247), the MSPCA, the Gozo SPCA, or the Abandoned Animals Association (AAA).

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