Sliema Band Club President Confirms Meeting To Set Aside Differences And End Rivalry

'We don't want this to go on, things are improving between the two clubs'

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After two Sliema band clubs had an argument involving banners, the two rival band clubs have decided to set aside their differences and work towards a more united front.

“These things happen all the time between band clubs all over Malta. It’s not the first time,” Adrian Busuttil, president of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel club told Lovin Malta.

“This rivalry is not healthy" - Adrian Busuttil

He met with the president of St. Gregory’s Band Club late last night to clear the air. The two presidents set aside their differences and are working together to put an end to this squabble.

The Kummissjoni Festa Esterna Madonna tal-Karmnu have called on both rivalling każini to sit down together and mediate this situation.

Lovin Malta reached out to Fr Joe Saliba, the parish priest for Our Lady of Mount Carmel for a comment. “We’re sorry this happened, we’ve never appreciated this rivalry,” he said.

“We discussed this in length and in a very civil manner. We do not want this to go on, and things are improving now between the two clubs,” Busuttil told us.

“Both Sliema parishes have never supported any of this rivalry, it causes a lot of unneeded friction between the feast enthusiasts,” Fr Joe said.

We're really happy that these guys are setting their differences aside. What do you think?

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Chiara Micallef