Viral Mosta Dancer Sets The Record Straight About Paceville Bouncer Incident

'Learning to communicate is so important'

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Viral dancing sensation Sergio Laferla caused a stir online this weekend after posting about an aggressive run-in with a Paceville bouncer.

But now it turns out the whole situation may have been an awkward misunderstanding.

This morning, Sergio publicly stated that the bouncer's actions were not an act of homophobia.

Laferla's statement comes after the bouncer himself reached out to him, and both parties were able to discuss their respective sides of the story.

Originally shooting into the public eye for his smooth, Monday-morning moves, Sergio was in the news a second time within a month after posting on Facebook to say he had been kicked out of Havana for 'experimental dancing'.

"The incident happened because [the bouncers] were slowly closing down the area which I was dancing in, which I was not aware of. Initially I saw him approach me with such authority that I got a bit scared. In that moment, seeing a man come forward so strongly I immediately thought it was because of my homosexuality."

The original viral clip of Sergio's dance moves

"In that moment, seeing a man come forward so strongly I immediately thought it was because of my homosexuality"

Both the security personnel and Sergio appear to have become friends since speaking, with the bouncer in question commenting to say: "even if the zone closed, I would wish you to dance my friend".

Despite the potentially negative outcomes usually seen with this kind of stories, it seems this one is very much a case of all's well that ends well.

"Learning how to communicate was the most powerful tool I understood to have," said Sergio. "I will gladly use it to promote good."

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