Joseph Muscat 'Informed' By Foreign Intelligence Agencies That Russians May Be Behind Egrant Story

Is Joseph the new Hillary?

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Addressing a press conference earlier this morning, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has said allied security agencies have informed him the Russians may have planted the whole Egrant saga as payback for his refusal to allow a Russian war vessel to refuel in Malta. 

Replying to questions raised by intelligenceonline (which has stated there was possible interference in the Maltese elections) Dr Muscat also stressed that it wasn't the Maltese security services who found out this information, and that the Maltese government had no evidence the Egrant story was in any way related to the Russian Secret Services.

A report in The Independent also stated that the Maltese presidency accelerating the visa waiver procedure for Ukraine had continued to accelerate tensions. 

UPDATE: PN's Statement

The Nationalist Party leader has since dismissed all these claims as "totally ridiculous and absurd... The Prime Minister has lost the plot".

"If this was true, the Prime Minister would have called a meeting of the security committee which I form part of." He continued, adding that the dates mentioned do not line up.

"I don't think Vladimir Putin cares if it's him or someone else who runs the country"

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