WATCH: Heated Bus Fight In San Gwann Causes Frenzy On The Road

An elder man tries to intervene but to no avail

A video has surfaced on Facebook showing an alarming altercation between two people, seemingly bus passengers, on the road in San Gwann.

The footage shows two figures, both male, locked in a physical struggle. The owner of the video suggests one of the two men is the bus driver himself.

Throughout the events people are heard crying and shouting for help. An elder man approaches the two men to try to separate them but eventually steps back in a surrendering pose.

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Seconds later a younger male runs towards the scene as yelling continues from both onlookers and the male aggressors themselves. 

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A second eye-witness saw the perpetrator get out of his car, approach the bus driver side and "smack him about fifteen times" before back to his car. He then drove two or three metres, got out again and began to assault the driver again as seen in this second video:

Lovin Malta contacted Malta Public Transport who stated that they are "very disturbed by the incident".

They confirmed that the man in uniform is the bus driver. He has been referred to the polyclinic but doesn't appear to be suffering from serious injuries. The case has been turned over to the police and Malta Public Transport ensure their full cooperation with the investigation.

If you have any more information on why the fight broke out please email us at [email protected]

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