WATCH: Katriel Is One Step Closer To Becoming A Pro-Hairdresser After Bagging First Celebrity Client

How is he so good at this though?

2017 was the year that Katriel officially became one of Malta's breakout stars, with his inspirational way of handling bullies, his talk of forgiving others even when they hurt you, and pulling together to make Istrina 2017 a record-breaking marathon.

But 2018 may be the year that Katriel truly makes his dream come true: his dream of becoming a professional hairdresser. 

After being invited to wadge HairStudio in Swatar for his first proper day at work in a hair salon, Katriel has already bagged his first celebrity client: Benjamin Camille.

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Katriel will be appearing on Benjamin's TV show this week, and Xarabank accompanied the young boy suffering from Lupus as he got to work on Ben Camille's hair.  

In a super-cute first meeting in the video, Ben apologises for being a bit late, to which Katriel replies "It shows, your hair is all messed up."

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After the haircut is done, they head out to Ben's car for some fun visits dropping gifts off at Maltese families' homes.

And it seems the two stars really hit it off - maybe another reality show featuring them as a pair could/should be in the works? 

You can catch the full episode of Katriel's visit in an upcoming episode of Benjamin on TVM. 

Would you let Katriel do your hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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