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Bernard Grech Recounts What An Angry 21-Year-Old Student Told Him About Her ‘Non-Hardworking’ Friend

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Opposition Leader Bernard Grech used his weekly Sunday speech to recount what a 21-year-old university student told him about the unfairness of the labour market.

“A few weeks ago, a 21 year old woman who is finishing her university course told me that she wants to do her Master’s course but that she has her doubts,” Grech said.

“She said she is sacrificing a lot, staying at home and not using social media often so that she can concentrate on her course. However, she then saw that her friend, who wasn’t doing the same, has been chosen as a person of trust.”

“She asked me how it could be that she is striving and working so hard but that someone who does nothing makes it. She said she would understand it if her friend was capable but that it’s not right for her to make it if she didn’t deserve it.”

Grech said he told this student that she was right but that she should also join the Nationalist Party in its effort to return to government.

“I told her she should make another sacrifice and be the change as well,” he said. “That’s why I’m telling you all to be the change – you know what isn’t working, you know what you’re going through and you know what needs to be done.”

The PN leader then referred to a recent EY survey which found that 70% of youths want to leave Malta. 

“This is the tragedy of our times, a stain on the government and the shame that Robert Abela must bear every day whenever he tries to convince you that he’s building a better future for our children,” he said. 

“I want a better future for all our children. I want them to go abroad and expand their horizons but we cannot afford to lose them. We must take care of these builders of the future and bring them back so they can apply what they learned overseas in our country, as we and our forefathers did.”

Do you think the PN has a chance of winning the next election? 

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