Several PN MPs Agree To Submit To Drug Tests, Call For Enforcement Of Such A Practice

At least 12 members of the Nationalist Party have put their money where their mouth is

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At least 12 Nationalist party MPs are ready to submit to a drug test if such a practice became mandatory for Maltese parliamentarians.

Responding to questions sent by Lovin Malta, several high-ranking PN MPs said they had no objection to undergo drug testing, and called for the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards to administer these tests.

Simon Busuttil, Jason Azzopardi, Kristy Debono, Robert Cutajar, Karl Gouder, Fredrick Azzopardi, Therese Comidini Cachia, Toni Bezzina, Ryan Callus, Marthese Portelli, Karol Aquilina, and David Stellini replied with similar answers when asked if they had ever partaken in the use of illicit substances, and if they would submit to the tests.

"The Nationalist Party expects the highest ethical standards from its Members of Parliament. The use of illicit drugs is not only unethical but also illegal and cannot be acceptable or justifiable under any circumstance."

"I have never made use of illicit drugs and would find no objection to submit myself to testing on a voluntary basis should it become mandatory. Indeed it would be a welcome development should the newly appointed Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards be entrusted with overseeing and enforcing such a new practice."

Kristy Debono added: "It is no secret that the public's trust in their parliamentary representatives has reached an all time low and prolonging or avoiding such a test will only shed more doubt."

PN Leader Adrian Delia did not respond to Lovin Malta's questions.

George Hyzler, a former PN MP, is set to become Malta's first ever Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards later this month. He is tasked with investigating any ethical breaches by MPs or people in positions of trust.

Their response comes after a week of drug-test challenges and back-and-forths between PL and PN politicians

The challenges follow the release of a signed affidavit from a former aide to PN MEP David Casa, detailing how Casa would allegedly spend up to €700 a weekend on cocaine.

Labour challenged David Casa to take a drug test, to which he responded that he would, as soon as the PL Parliamentary Group took one as well. In questions sent by Lovin Malta, Labour MPs refused to confirm or deny whether they would undergo any tests, instead saying that David Casa's request was "ridiculous".

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