Young Activist Hopes To Shake Up Ħaż-Żebbuġ Local Council As An Independent Candidate

Steve Zammit Lupi has made his name in the environmental sector, for his bicycle advocacy, and some awesome videography

Steve Zammit Lupi Zebbug Lovin Malta

One of Żebbuġ's favourite sons has thrown his hat into next month's local council election - and he will be campaigning independently, without affiliation to any political party.

At just 23 years of age, Steve Zammit Lupi is ready to shake up local politics, and drag it - or try to, at least - into the future.

"I decided to throw my name in as an independent candidate because I truly believe that local councils should be a platform where civic pride and community belonging reign before party politics," Zammit Lupi told Lovin Malta.

Born and raised in Żebbuġ, he wants to bring a breath of fresh air to his locality's politics

"I felt that things need to be shaken up a little and running as an independent candidate gives me the perfect opportunity to do so," he said. "I can put forward my ideas and proposals in a free manner - putting the community and its residents first."

"I also believe I can be the bridge between both sides, whilst giving the council a young energetic push forward," Zammit Lupi continued. "The potential in the locality is huge, and everyone should feel involved."

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'Over the coming days, I will be reaching out to the residents and community stakeholders to take on their feedback and ideas'

While he might be best known for his environmental work, his bicycle advocacy with B.A.G., as well as his videography, his potential policies range much wider.

"My main focus will rotate around two main pillars - quality of life and urban wellbeing," he said. "The themes of sports, arts, culture, environment, and urban mobility are all high on the agenda."

And beyond politics, he calls on Maltese youths to raise their voices and effect change in their community by standing up for what they believe in.

"The voluntary and social fabric of the village community is strong, and we must encourage more youths to come forward and participate," he said.

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