WATCH: What Health And Safety? Luqa Workers Show That Sometimes, All You Need Is A Loud Voice

That's one way of raising the alarm

What with Malta's construction boom - and even without it - Malta's respect towards Health and Safety norms can be quite... lax. Now, two workers in Luqa have showcased a whole new method of safety on sites - and it is all based on communication.

A worker can be seen atop a building digging into a small pillar on the roof. Chunks of this pillar casually fall storeys to the car park below, metres away from some parked cars.

However, if you thought the workers didn't have the situation under control, just wait until a car heads their way. Quicker than you can say "this is an accident waiting to happen", a guy runs out of the building, shouts "ooooowwww", and the jigger-guy stops, waiting for the emerging car to safely pass on its way.

Somehow, the car escapes any of the falling debris

Though in the video no cars befall any damage, the 'call-and-stop' system they were using just - for some reason we can't put our fingers on - seem that safe, especially considering drivers are seemingly emerging from within the building.

That said, with all the impressive ways people approach health and safety, we can safely assume that until a car is damaged or a person is hurt, they won't be retiring their tried-and-true method of communication at work.

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