Our Weekly News Roundup #ICYMI

Malta is the island that keeps giving

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1. German anti-hunting group CABS praises Malta for being more law-abiding during the hunting season. This statement comes hours after a hunter accidentally shot another hunter in the face. Well played, universe.

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2. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has actually gone up in the polls despite Panama Papers. He strengthened his hardcore vote.

Remember this?

3. A gender-neutral toilet at University sparked outrage. Clearly people are not seeing the bigger picture.

4. Mr Clean ain't so clean after all. The directors of the family business are being charged with human trafficking of Filipino workers. One of the accused fainted in court as they were denied bail. 

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5. That awkward moment when a 60-year-old woman hovers over someone robbing her shop, and he doesn't notice her.

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Marie Louise Buttigieg - the hero of the story.