Malta Is (Finally) Getting Wet And Windy This Weekend

This might also be the first big storm of the season

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After a heatwave-ridden summer, Malta seems all but set to get some rain over Vitorja weekend, and we might be in for more than just isolated showers.

As it stands, different forecasting models are agreeing on one thing; bad weather will finally make it way to the central Mediterranean. An area of low pressure has descended from England towards Italy's Gulf of Genoa, where it's expected to bring storms to the area. This is expected to continue inching towards the Mediterranean in the coming days, where the sea around Malta is still very warm. This means our islands will almost definitely be experiencing rain over the weekend (some models have the probability of this happening up to 80%). The rain might be starting as early as Friday, and may even be extending all the way to Monday.

The wind will also be picking up in a couple of days, from a breezy Force 2 today to a substantial Force 4 which may even go up to Force 5 over the weekend.

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All the forecasting models agree on rain and wind coming to the islands, but will it also mean big thunderstorms?

As far as a big storm is concerned, however, as reliable young forecaster Andrea Muscat from Gozo Weather Page put it, "given the structure of the isolated thunderstorms, the chances of the Maltese Islands being affected are currently split 50/50."

It is worth noting, however, that on this week five years ago, the Maltese Islands experienced one of the worst storms to ever hit the islands. A total of 160mm was measured in central parts of the islands when a severe thunderstorm had stopped right over Malta for more than three hours. Winds were also very high, with highest gusts being measured just shy of 90km/hr.  During that week in 2012, a man was struck by lightning and killed, a woman was seriously injured after being carried a long distance by floodwaters, and a number of festas around the island were disrupted. Some of the worst storms to hit Malta all came around September and October, so this weekend's 50% probability should be approached with caution.

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Photos by Darren Bonniċi and Deborah Mifsud

As it stands, however, there thankfully doesn't seem to be too much cause for alarm. If you love autumn showers, a fresh breeze, and the smell of wet grass after that September rain, you're in for a treat just around Victory Day. Temperatures are still predicted to hover around the very high 20s for most of the week, but the impeding rain and wind is bound to make the heat way more bearable. Here's hoping big events like this weekend's Glitch Festival don't suffer from the incoming weather.

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