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Yorgen Fenech’s Mother Speaks Out: ‘Where Are The Weapons My Son Supposedly Bought?’ 

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Yorgen Fenech’s mother, Patricia, has spoken out for the first time since her son’s arrest and questioned the manner in which the case against him has been handled by the prosecution. 

Fenech was this week indicted for the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. He denies the charges. 

In a post uploaded to Simon Mercieca’s blog, Patricia Fenech referred to submissions by the Attorney General’s office in court this week about how her son had purchased weapons, including grenades and machine guns from the dark web which she described as nothing more than “mud-throwing”. 

It is noteworthy that the statement was published on Mercieca’s blog, rather than being sent directly to the press through a press release.

Mercieca has over the past year regularly uploaded posts defending Fenech and attacking the prosecution and many of the other players in the case, including members of the press. 

“[It’s] almost like a competition as to who can blemish Yorgen’s name the most – indeed even with lies about the buying of warfare ammunition. A Rambo kind of character my son definitely is not. 

“Such calumnies would truly be absurd if it weren’t for the immense negative effect they are leaving on how the trial is being conducted. Apart from this, no one has seen the ammunition/weapons and it has never entered the country,” Fenech wrote. 

She asked how many readers actually “stop to think about this before accepting the words of the prosecution as fact”, adding that “importing such things by means of everyday postal service” is impossible. 

Fenech this week told the court that she was prepared to act as a guarantor for her son should he be released on bail, testifying that she understood the responsibility this entailed, including the fact that she would be obliged to report her son should he not abide by the conditions of his bail. Failure to do so would constitute a criminal offence. 

In her statement, she rubbished claims that Fenech would escape should he be released. “To go where completely on his own?”

“Doesn’t it stand to reason that anyone given bail can escape… In reality, due to the media attention given to his case, he is probably the last person who can do it,” she said.  

Fenech said she was “deeply hurt by insults and calumnies which have now gone on mercilessly and at times have been completely unjustified”.

“It is as if those who have some kind of contact with us become tainted with some kind of pestilence whereas before the present attack in the media on Yorgen, everyone respected us and no one had anything negative to say about us. Indeed, many people who have come into contact with the family speak only well of the family,” she said. 

Referring to the revelation yesterday that Judge Giovanni Grixti, who was tasked with deciding on her son’s latest bail request, had purchased a boat from her late husband in 2008.   

“I have seen the name of a boat which, when it was sold, was already quite an old boat, and there was nothing illicit in the selling and buying of this boat.  

“If those who published this information are used to making illicit deals, then they must not judge others by their own actions. I would really like to know how they unearthed this information, how deep they dug in order to once more influence the ruling on bail, this time in the hands of Judge Grixti. I would like to know how they trawled the internet (or were there other sources?) to unearth the contract and the photo because this boat had been bought a long time before 2008,” Fenech continued.  

She also slammed the Attorney General’s office for filing a Bill of Indictment against her son and “publishing the Bill in the media” before the family or their lawyers “knew what was going on”. 

“I would like to know who is behind all these underhand manoeuvres which happen every single day. What is he or they getting out of it? There are the lawyers, the courts, the magistrates and the judges carrying out the work, why are there people trying to hinder the path of unsullied justice?”

What do you make of this statement?

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