11 Brutally Hilarious Memes Of The Azure Window Collapse

One year later, these are still so precious

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It's been exactly one year since the news of Gozo's iconic Azure Window collapsing sparked a slew of shocked and sad reactions. Right when it had happened, some people looked like they were waiting for the right moment to post that dark joke that's just been sitting there for years. 

Here are 13 brutal yet hilarious reactions to the news that some of us just still can't get over.

1. The pun of the week

2. The absolute savagery 

Screen Shot 2017 03 08 At 11 35 42

Photo by Aidan Micallef

3. ... Oh

Screen Shot 2017 03 08 At 11 39 25

Photo by Matthew Darmanin

4. The Rock has fallen

Screen Shot 2017 03 08 At 11 42 58

Andrea Depasquale

5. Well this is just awkward...

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Photo by Pauline Attard 

6. Where's everyone gone?


7. Mother nature won't be too happy

8. Are you sure?

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Photo by Steve Lombardo

9. Guess the sea won this battle...

10. The twist of the day

11. So when can we expect Azure Window 2.0?

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David Grech Urpani

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