50 Things You Can Do With €50

Got some cash lying about? We've got you covered!

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You know how they say "there's no such thing as free money"? Well sometimes 'they' are wrong. As part of their new students' campaign, HSBC will be adding €50 to every student* who opens a new account with them. But what can you do with the extra cash you've now got laying about? Here's 50 of our suggestions:

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1. Go on an Asos splurge ahead of the new school year

2. Buy 15-20 second hand reading books

3. Decorate your room with some MaltaPark treasures

4.  Buy 2 months of Tal-Linja travel

5. Watch 5 movies... in a row

6. Buy cheap flights for a weekend holiday

7. Buy a cookbook and ingredients and learn to feed yourself well

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8. Get a gym membership

9. Buy all the stationery

10. Get 4 months worth of mobile plans for students

11. Take an online course 

12. Make a serious contribution to a charity

13. Buy a good chair to work on at home

14. Purchase apps to help you organise your life 

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15. Try all the slushies available at Tony's (Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq)

16. Try all the rides at the Luna Park

17. Get in touch with your wild side and try some adventure sports

18. Stock up on energy drinks for the upcoming year

19. Put the money aside for the inevitable assignment printing costs

20. Try all the Maltese flavours of ice cream available

21. Buy a tent and some camping gear and enjoy Malta's countryside 

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22. Contribute towards a Kickstarter campaign

23. Spend a day Badger Karting

24. Go watch a new movie every week for a month (popcorn included)

25. Go to one of Malta’s top-rated restaurants

26. Go paintballing

27. Finally buy new underwear

28. Get a massage from a legit parlor (opaque door-stickers featuring fantasy women are usually a bad sign)

Kitty Massage

29. Get tickets to that amazing concert you’ve been dying to go to

30. Buy local artist's music

31. Beat the rush and pre-order a family member's Christmas gift

32. Get a high-end hair/beard treatment 

33. Go thrift-shopping and walk away with buckets of bargains

34. Buy some adorable new covers for your iPhone

35. Splurge on a lavish Comino day

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36. Go on a Segway Tour

37. Join a class and learn a new language

38. Go video-game crazy on the Steam sale

39. Get Spotify Premium for 6 months

40. Buy a Passion Planner and organise all the things

41. Check out LIDL's best kitchen appliances on sale that week (waffle iron anyone?)

42. Buy a bunch of board games

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43. Start saving up for that special something you've had your eye on for a while

44. Hire a personal trainer and get a tailored workout plan

45. Adopt a pet (and buy it every treat you see).

46. Buy a legit Halloween/Carnival/general life costume

47. Go on a makeup and hair products splurge

48. Put it in your savings account, and keep it for a rainy day

49. Buy 5 disposable cameras, have an epic adventure, develop and hang all the photos

50. Stock up on equipment for a home-gym

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*Offer subject to verification of November 2016 stipend credited into a YES4 Students account. Other conditions apply. For full Terms and Conditions please visit hsbc.com.mt/YES2016

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