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9 Things You Can Do In Your Flip-Flops This Summer In Malta

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Summer fashion staples in Malta come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, each slightly more desirable than the last. Some of these fashionable staples include: sweat patches in uncomfortable places, uneven sunburn, tank tops, over-sized sunglasses, and the ever-comforting pair of karkur a.k.a flip-flops.


But flip-flops are more than just a pair of poolside shoes. Here are nine things you can do in your flip-flops that prove they’re the most versatile piece of footwear on the planet.

1. Go clothes shopping

One of the most annoying things when it comes to shopping for clothes, apart form the stress of finding something that fits, is constantly having to pop your shoes on and off. And there’s nothing worse than having to squeeze your feet back into sweaty socks. If you’re wearing flip-flops, everything is so much easier.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about stinking up the changing room when you take your shoes off.


2. Save yourself in the club or at a wedding

It’s true that some outfits won’t be complete without a good pair of heels. But when you’re a few hours into the night and all you can think about is the throbbing in your feet, its time to ditch them. Whip out the handbag flip-flops that you were saving for your walk home, or pick up a pair from the convenient baskets placed around the venue.

And don’t be afraid to bite the bullet if no one’s changed yet. Be the trendsetter, and everyone will follow suit.


3. Take a shower

I think we can all agree that communal showers of any kind are less-than-desirable moments, but sometimes we haven’t really got a choice. Whether you’re freshening up after a session at the gym, or taking a rinse after going for a swim, it’s always a good idea to have a pair of flip-flops with you.

Also, here’s a gentle reminder that some people think it’s okay to pee in communal showers. Just saying.


4. Going to work

It’s true that flip-flops are never really considered formal wear, but chucking on a pair of black or nude-toned ones could technically pass as acceptable. Especially if they’re those flip-flop/sandal crossover shoes that have a strap at the back and don’t make any obnoxious slapping sounds as you walk through the office.

And you won’t even have to worry about changing out of your work clothes when you hit the beach after your shift.


5. Treating yourself to a pedicure

If you’ve recently given your tootsies a bit of love, why hide them away under a pair of closed shoes? Slip on your flip-flops and show the world your shiny new look. And you don’t need to worry about ruining anything as you slip them on.

I guess you could even keep them on while the beauticians works away, if you’re feeling that lazy.


6. Rushing to the hospital

Let’s say you find yourself in some kind of emergency situation. Maybe your water just broke and you’re about to give birth – the last thing you’ll want to do is squeeze into a pair of shoes with a complicated set of laces. Just get someone to slide your flip-flops onto your feet and you’re good to go. You don’t even have to make any effort.

They also double as great stress and pain relievers that you can take advantage of by squeezing or flinging them around the room.

7. Walking the dog

Slipping on a pair of flip-flops at 7am to take the doggo out for a walk is so easy you could quite literally do it while you’re still half-asleep. Plus they’re easy to clean if you accidentally step in the good boy’s business.

Although you might end up getting some on your feet. So maybe this isn’t the best suggestion we’ve ever come up with.


8. Sending your kids to summer school

Those kiddie flip-flops that half-resemble a rubber sandal are truly a gift from above. The kids can splash around as much as they want without ruining their shoes, and its so easy to rinse them off when they get paint and playdough stuck to them.

You can even match with them with your grown-up flip-flops when you stop by to pick them up.


9. Chilling out on the plane

Not only are flip-flops a great item to shove in your suitcase since they take up no space, they also fit easily into your hand luggage. So you can slip them on for mega comfort while you’re on the plane, and take them off with ease when you need to.

They also weigh basically nothing, so you don’t need worry that they’ll increase your luggage weight.


BONUS: Literally anything

It’s 2019, there are no hard fashion rules anymore. Stick a pair of flip-flops in your bag and whip them out whenever you need. Plus, they’re useful for a whole load of things other than being worn as shoes.


If you’re looking to up your flip-flop game, Ipanema is the way to go

They’ve got flip-flops of all styles and for people of all walks of life. From comfy beach-wear to the dressiest pairs you can slip on for a summer event, you can get it from Ipanema. You can browse the entire range of Ipanema and their complementary brands Rider, Grenada and Cartago at Eurosport B’Kara, Ipanema pop-up stand at The Point Shopping Mall, Bay Street Shopping Complex, PAMA Shopping Mall and The Duke Shopping Mall, Gozo.

And if you treat yourself to a pair Ipanemas before the end of July, you could find yourself winning a second pair

That you can keep for yourself or pass on to a loved one as a gift. The choice is yours. Simply snap a photo of yourself rocking your Ipanema flip-flops or sandals and share it on Facebook or Instagram using #MyIpanema and tag @eurosportmalta.

Every week, until the 31st of July, two winners will be chosen to take home a brand new pair of swanky Ipanemas.

Ipanema is a fun, chic and colourful Brazilian made sandal and flip-flop collection, named after one of the most exotic and famous beaches in the world

Using the spectacular coastal neighbourhood of Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as the backdrop for inspiration, the Ipanema footwear collection was created  to be the perfect blend of a relaxed seaside lifestyle and the sophistication of city glamour.

Ipanema sandals and flip-flops are well-known for their creative and comfortable styles made using a super soft and durable Flexpand 100% recyclable plastic. With eyes on the environment and the future, the Ipanema collection is made using at least 30% recycled materials, while 99% of all factory waste is recycled or reused.

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