Malta's Most Relatable Stand-Up Comedian Is Back

Omid Djalili returns!


Omid Djalili is returning to Malta after having left Maltese audiences rocking in the seats with laughter! Djalili's brand new material is part of his world tour Schmuck for a Night

Djalili is possibly the most relatable comedian to perform in Malta – he looks like us, he sounds like us (sometimes), and he is all about making fun of his own nationality traits. #relate

The award winning comedian and actor will be performing in Malta for 2 nights only, at The Intercontinental Arena Conference Centre on the 10th and 11th December 2016. We've listed some of our favourite Omid moments just to get us in the mood!

1. Passport control

For any Maltese man with a beard who's been stopped at customs...

2. Accents ping pong

Not unlike all pepe people changing their accents when they have to speak to their plumber.

3. Fart accusations

This is true for every time you're catching the bus with nannu.

4. Wacky Backy

Pretty much like Malta with the ridiculous baby names. #samething

5. Doctor's Visit

For all the Maltese people who spend three months in London and come back sounding like Queen Elizabeth II.

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