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WATCH: Ben Camille Fell Off The X Factor Stage Last Night And Viewers Are Torn On Whether It Was Genuine Or Not

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Ben Camille can now cross slapstick comedy off of his long list of attributes. Yes, you all saw it last night – Malta’s polo-wearing heartthrob did fall off the stage and we’re 50/50 on the whole thing.

Was it staged? Was it a genuine accident? See for yourself below:

Shortly after the whole ordeal, the clip was uploaded to X Factor Malta’s Facebook page and the comments have been pouring in.

While the general public seems split on the matter as to whether it was all a big act or not, we’ll leave that conclusion to the professionals.

Chucky really is the best at being the worst about anyone on X Factor, whether it be the mic booms dangling over screen or our host Ben Camille taking a tumble to drum up some hysteria before the drama settles in.

What do you think? Was Ben’s fall all an act?

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