7 Awesome Places For Cocktails In Malta

Happy hour is a beautiful thing


Sunday nights are for Netflix and chilling – yes we know that. Except, they're also a perfect opportunity to ditch the drab night in and have a night to remember with a bunch of your best friends.

Nothing makes for a better evening out than cocktails. And by 'evening out' we mean 'glamorous selfie potential'. Here's a few places you should head to tonight.

1. Medasia Mixology Bar

This bar is dedicated to cocktail-goodness, but there's no harm in treating yourself to a bit of Asian-fusion nibbles while you're there. #TwoBirdsOneStone

Screen Shot 2017 01 28 At 16 05 56

2. Tex Mex

For more of a kick-back, let's get mega wasted vibe, Tex Mex is the perfect place for cocktails en masse. 

Screen Shot 2017 01 28 At 16 10 49

3. Taproom

Apart from feeling like you're in London's East End, choosing Taproom will guarantee great tasting, stylish cocktails that you and your friends will absolutely love. 

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4. The Thirsty Barber

These guys are such pros at cocktails, they even have their own masterclasses for making them. You're going to love sampling their awesome stuff!

Screen Shot 2017 01 28 At 16 18 10

5. Molecular Fusion

If you really can't part with your night of Netflix and want to make it the most upscale night in of the year – call the guys at Molecular Fusion. They do amazing bespoke cocktails – all stops will be pulled out. (Okay, they might need it to be a bigger event than you and a few friends at home, but – hey, never a better time than right now to start planning you next big party!)

Screen Shot 2017 01 28 At 16 22 47

6. Bar Native

If you're willing to throw decorum to the wind and embrace your inner Paceville – head down to Bar Native. Their Happy Hours happen regularly, and it might just turn into one of those unexpectedly amazing nights

Screen Shot 2017 01 28 At 16 25 13

7. Hugo's Terrace

This place is what cocktails are all about – they take this shit seriously.

Tag a friend and start planning your cocktail night out!

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