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7 Awesome Places In Malta To Get Your Weekend Brunch

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Brunch is all about grabbing a handful of friends and meeting at the most convenient time for everyone after a big night out, without having to succumb to the echoing grumbles in your stomach.

The good news is, there’s a brunch for everyone to enjoy in Malta. Here’s some of our faves.

1. The Greasy Brunch

If it’s a hangover cure you’re after, it’s got to be the legendary Is-Serkin. Grab your mates and head to Rabat for plateful of pastizzi and te fit-tazza. And, yes, the heart burn will be worth it. 

2. The Healthy Brunch

If you’re keen to enjoy a mid-morning feast without feeling like you want to kill yourself afterwards, pay a visit to Mint, in Sliema. They’re stocked up with healthy salads, sandwiches, and juices; and they’re constantly creating new treats for their health-conscious customers. Fancy a raw, vegan, orange, coconut, chia seed pudding? You’ve got it. 

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3. The Bagel Brunch

Sometimes you know there’s only one thing that will hit the spot. A lot of those times, that thing is a bagel. New York Best is where you want to be if you need that itch to be scratched before noon.

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4. The Pancake Brunch

If you wake up thinking “what I really want is a melted Kinder Bueno slathered onto a warm pancake”, then you might want to head down to Molly’s Cafe in Mosta. They make a mean hot chocolate too. 

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5. Brunch Français

If you’re all about a bit of French finery at the end of the morning, then make Fre{n}sh your brunch destination. Try out their delicious traditional tartelettes, patisserie gems, and scrumptious quiches. Délicieux

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6. The Posh Brunch

Do you and your friends need a proper pick-me-up? Or are you dying to take that Tinder hottie out on a second date but don’t want to wait till next weekend? The Waterbiscuit is what you’re after. The food, the ambience, even the name screams “I’m fancy AF”. We recommend going all out and ordering a round of champagne. You want to, and you know it.

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7. The Ticks-Every-Box Brunch

If you want a brunch that’s a total all-rounder you’ve got to go for U Bistrot in Balluta. It’s the definitive Maltese brunch spot. Amazing food, beautiful views, not too healthy, not too greasy, and it’s an Instagram dream. It’s got everything – except unlimited seating. Booking in advance is highly recommended.

Tag your friends and get dressed already. Brunch awaits!

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