6 Pumpkin-tastic Maltese Recipes For Halloween

They're not just for carving and smashing you know...

Pumpkin Cover

Without meaning to sound ageist, there comes a time when you need to put trick-or-treating to rest. However, you're never too old for pumpkin carving!

This traditional Halloween pastime, imported from our transatlantic friends across the pond, is not only a fun family activity but the perfect opportunity to get experimental in the kitchen.

Once you're done carving out a spooky face into your pumpkin, don't even think about discarding the scooped out inners. Pumpkin flesh is super healthy, low in fat, full of antioxidants and really filling, which is great news seeing as it's also delicious!

Here are just a few ideas from some of Malta's very own food lovers and bloggers for you to keep in mind next time you're wondering what to do with all that pumpkiny goodness.

1. Curried Pumpkin Soup

Ta' Toninu

Simple yet delicious. Pumpkin soup is a classic for a reason! This particular one takes on an Indian spin with the addition of curry powder. Lovely and warming as we fall into the chillier Autumn months.

2. Roasted Pumpkin & Thyme

Pastizzi Gourmet

A vibrant mixture of local vegetables sprinkled with fresh herbs, sea salt and olive oil and left to roast away makes for a superbly colourful side dish, as demonstrated by the chef who brought us Pastizzi Gourmet!

3. Warm Autumn Salad

Sarah Eats Out

This super salad can be thrown together in minutes but certainly packs a punch. Making use of roasted pumpkin, avocado and grilled halloumi, this veggie dish by Sarah Eats Out is anything but average .

4. Classic Pumpkin Pie

Emma's Kitchen Project

From the gorgeous food blog that kickstarted Emma's Kitchen, this decadent, sweet American pumpkin pie is the perfect way to finish off a family meal. Also, check out that table centrepiece!

5. Maltese Pumpkin Pie

A Maltese Mouthful

This delightful traditional pie recipe, or torta tal-qara ħamra by A Maltese Mouthful calls for a delicious filling of a stir-fried pumpkin rice, with the addition of black olives and fresh salted tuna, all enclosed in a shortcrust pastry case.

6. Pumpkin Baked Imqarrun

Sarah Falzon

Pumpkin Mqarrun

Instagram: @srhflzn

This classic Maltese baked pasta dish takes on another dimension with the addition of cooked diced pumpkin, along with the lean minced beef, onion, passata and egg, before mixing in the boiled pasta and topping with lots of cheese before baking in a hot oven. Divine!

The 9th edition of the Manikata Pumpkin Feast will take place on Sunday 30th October 2016 from 10am to 5pm.

Do you have a pumpkin recipe we need to try? Share it in the comments on Facebook!

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