14 Great Places To Get English Breakfast In Malta

Meet this year's best bangers

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If you've already exhausted our list of great places to get breakfast in Malta firstly, good on you for living the good life. Secondly, maybe it's time for a little bit less fancy and a little bit more feast. 

Here's a list of places that serve a classic English breakfast, just to make your mornings a little bit easier.

1. Knickerbocker

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A firm favourite with a lot of the British community living in Buġibba, the Knickerbocker is an iconic UK style cafe. And with such generous portions, it's easy to see why it's regularly voted as one of the best restaurants in Qawra. 

2. The Mad Hatter

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Solid proof that you can opt for English breakfast over a massive burger and still leave feeling satisfied and so full you might explode.

3. Tony's Bar

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The Strand's place to be if you're looking for a full English breakfast. Tony's offers proper giant slices of bacon, and everyone knows that bacon is basically one of the best thing ever.

4. Kantina Café & Wine

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A great view makes a great breakfest even better. Kantina's location right next to St. John's Co-Cathedral offers the perfect backdrop for that early morning indulgence.

5. Oblico Café

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Another highly-rated Buġibba eatery with a penchant for having some of the best English breakfast around, Oblico also offers gluten free options.

6. BeBirgu Cafe & Brasserie

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The historical San Lawrenz Band Club Palazzo in the market square of Birgu is home to experienced Belgian and German chefs. 

7. Shoreditch

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As with most of their items on the menu, Shoreditch have decided to take an age-old culinary tradition and inject it with a special dose of their signature #foodporn. 

Starting last November, this beautiful monster was added to their breakfast menu: the Benedict Pancake. Featuring grilled bacon, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and a healthy sprinkling of daydream dust.

8. Caffe Portomaso

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Just down the road from the Hilton, Caffe Portomaso offers an exquisite-looking English Breakfast for some good old Sunday down-time.

9. The Compass Lounge

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This Sliema staple on Tower Road offers some of the best views on the promenade, along with some equally impressive English breakfast. Easily one of the most photogenic breakfast dishes in Malta.

10. Caffe Cordina

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Ok, so maybe English Breakfast is not the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Caffe Cordina, but judging by the above photo, maybe that should change.

11. Victoria Restaurant

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The Victoria Restaurant first opened its doors over 30 years ago, and with dishes like that, it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere any time soon.

12. Mellows Cafe

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Famous for its artistic takes on coffee, Mellows is one of the many great places to hang out in Mosta. Coffee is far from the only thing on the menu though, and Mellows' English Breakfast comes highly rated by dozens of reviews.

13. Fat Harry's

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With their classic, huge, full English Breakfast, we doubt there'll ever be a time when Fat Harry's won't make it on this list.

14. Giorgio's

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Another place that's mainly known as a cafeteria. The new and improved Sliema classic spent most of 2016 uploading mouth-watering food porn like this photo, and considering that they've just gone and revamped their whole menu, expect your Instagram feeds to be full of Giorgio's dishes in 2017.

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