7 Maltese Scenarios We Wish Michael McIntyre Would Pick On In His Malta Show

Parking, Facebook groups, and online dating

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Michael McIntyre is a genius for picking on scenarios that people commonly go through, and parodying them to the point of side-splitting hilarity. 

With the crazy-amazing news of his visit to Malta for, not one, but two shows, here's a few local idiosyncrasies we wish he would take to town.

1. Asking for advice on The Salott or RUBS

McIntyre's hilarious bit on going abroad and checking TripAdvisor for literally everything really makes us curious how he'd parody trying to get advice in some of Malta's most popular Facebook groups.

2. Trying to park without getting help

We can all relate to this hilariously spot on description of trying to communicate while parking. But what we'd like to see even more is McIntyre do a take-down of all the people who insist on helping you park even when you don't ask them to.

3. Children in Malta

The you-think-you-know bit about people who don't have children is one of McIntyre's most popular. We're pretty sure that if he spent time with Maltese kids at festi, the beach, or even at the grocer – he'd come up with some solid gold comedy. Especially if he encounters one of the topless toddlers so common to Maltese supermarkets on an August day.  

4. People on the Sliema front

We would pay (in fact, we have) to see Michael McIntyre do a mock-Sliema-promenade walk, channeling all the different types of walkers on the famous sea-front. It would be twice good as this clip from a few years back.

5. The Maltese Accent

McIntyre is the king of accents – but we dare him to take on our multi-coloured, nuanced Maltese accent. Some people compare it to the sound of Welsh, some to Italian, we get something new every week. 

6. Maltese fatty foods

A few of us are guilty of blaming our "slow metabolism" for the extra kilos we've piled on this year. We'd like to see McIntyre tell it like it is and talk about Maltese junk-food eating habits. We all know we can relate.  

7. Insects in Malta

Okay, this clip on different ways people react to insects is hysterical. But we reckon with all the added variety of insects we have in Malta, McIntyre should extend this bit and make it even more eye-wateringly funny.

BONUS: British people on holiday

We get so many lovely Brits coming over to our islands for their holidays that this would be super relatable. Well – score! He's already done it. Solid gold. 

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