WATCH: Malta Just Got A Shout-Out On The Promo For A Massive HBO TV Show And It's... Um, Not Great

Is this our reputation forever now?

It's always cool to see Malta being acknowledged on a global scale. Anytime our tiny island is recognised or mentioned by some big-time Hollywood-esque establishment, our collective ego tends to grow a tiny bit.

Like the time we all took ownership of Murder on the Orient Express because part of it was filmed here. Or when Lauryn Hill wore a Charles & Ron dress. Or a star from The Walking Dead mentioned Malta on a US talk show. Yep, that was all our doing.

Well, Malta just got a cheeky mention in a promo for hit HBO series Veep

The show, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, follows the journey of Selina Meyer. Meyer is the Vice President and (spoiler alert) eventual President of the United States of America.

The promo video for the next episode of the show's seventh and final season was recently released, and it features a sneaky reference to Malta.

Screen Shot 2019 05 03 At 12 28 54

Malta is mentioned roughly 15 seconds into the promo, and it's, uh, interesting.

Speaking to President Meyer, a man seems to be trying to convince her to get involved in some sort of money-laundering scandal. The man is actually Murman Shalikashvili, fictional former president of the Republic of Georgia. So there's that.

"140,000,000 wired from the Seychelles to Malta, then back to the Seychelles, and then to you"

So we got a shout-out on a massive American TV show. Good.

But we were referred to as a shady money laundering hub. Not good.

Screen Shot 2019 05 03 At 12 28 43

But hey, bad publicity is still publicity, right?

The episode will air on Sunday the 5th of May. So if you want to find out what Selina Meyer thinks of using Malta to illegally acquire a butt-load of cash, tune in then.

Also, cute side note; an actor called Dominic Pace features in the episode too. As Murman's bodyguard. How very full-circle.

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