5 Things Nobody Tells You About Summer In Malta

Some things are just not included in the brochures.

Sun Surface

When speaking about summer in Malta, it's easy to be cheery and optimistic about all the amazing things to do, but no explanation of summer is complete without a clear warning of just how hot things can get. That being said, you're still never really prepared for what you're going to experience.

1. Welcome to the sun’s surface

Heat Featured Image

Yes, I know this isn’t exactly a secret. But some people skip over how high the humidity is as well, which means that if it’s 35°C it’s actually going to feel like 40°C. And the shade? There. is. never. enough. Buying a dehumidifier is the ultimate investment.

2. Sunblock isn't just for the beach


 Put on sunblock for whatever reason you’re stepping out the door. You’ll probably have to reapply too, like if you’re waiting for the bus - which in Malta is the equivalent of waiting for Godot. You do not want to be dealing with a sunburn you got just from driving.

3. Deodorant? Ha!


Many a brand have been tried and tested, but it seems that no deo is truly up for the job. So basically, get ready for your sweat pores to be constantly open and flowing in plenty. There’s no escaping it. 

4. No, that’s not a gunshot 


Fireworks are a cornerstone of village feasts, and village feasts are in abundance during summer. You'll also get to experience the wonderful, noise-only fireworks, which sound exactly like bombs going off. But don’t worry - nobody is actually shooting at you (we hope).

5. Yes, that plate of food is just for one person


When it comes to food in Malta, it’s go big or go home. Wear bottoms which have a little give in them when eating out, or attending a family barbecue, cause Maltese restaurants like to bring out the big guns in summer.

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