Best Places To Watch The Meteor Shower In Malta And Gozo

Dmugħ ta’ San Lawrenz and chill

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August is known for having some of the most spectacular night skies, particularly from tonight till Sunday as the meteor showers come in hard and fast. Setting up in a comfy location, with a good bottle of wine and some serious distance from any light pollution can satisfy everyone's romantic side, no matter how deeply buried it is. That, or it might fuel an unintentional existential crisis - could go either way really.

But where should you go if you want to make the best of San Lawrenz's tears?

Featured photo by Earl Mallia.

Night Sky

1. Selmun

This one may involve a slight trek, but that just guarantees you're gonna be left in peace. If you're bringing some snacks with your wine make sure your Tupperware is closed properly before beginning your hike. 

2. Dwejra

Dwejra Dmugh

Photo: Din L-Art Helwa

It's more than just a pretty window and a Dothraki wedding venue - Dwejra offers some awesome views of the night sky. There might be quite a few others who share this idea, particularly around the Santa Marija weekend - but the views are still worth the crowds.

3. L'Aħrax tal-Mellieħa

Why end the night with a sad drive home?  Spend the night sleeping under the stars with a camping trip to L'Aħrax.

4. Xgħajra

Take your star-spotting to the south of the island with an observation event organised by the Astronomical Society of Malta.

5. Majjistral Park, Manikata

Another one for the more adventurous readers out there, a slightly lengthy walk with a great payoff.

6. Dingli Cliffs

You're definitely gonna run into crowds of people should you choose Dingli, but it's the easiest place to access (you can basically drive right up to your picnic spot).

7. Xwejni Bay, Żebbuġ Gozo

Seaside and shooting stars... sounds like the perfect night out!

BONUS: On a boat... anywhere

Night Sky 2 Gif

Seriously, just sail off under the stars, lay back, and look up. Island living is pretty sweet.

Who are you taking to watch the meteor shower? Tag them in the comments Facebook, and send us a Snap while you're there!

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