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‘It’s OK To Ugly Cry’: Valentina Rossi Opens Up To Supporters After What She Went Through This Year

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Valentina Rossi, popular Instagrammer and VIBE FM radio host, has opened up about being grateful to supporters after a challenging year.

“I woke up bad, but I felt good as soon as I remembered how much I love you all,” Rossi started in a series of personal Insta stories.

Rossi was reacting after being voted the country’s Best Instagrammer by popular demand at this year’s Lovin Malta Social Media Awards.

“I’m crying but they are happy tears,” Rossi continued. “Just looking back at what I went through this year and how I felt uncomfortable to share what I was mentally going through and thanks to your support and lovely messages, you really helped me be more positive and look on the bright side as not all things are bad.”

Earlier this year, Rossi’s fiance’ Carlo Gerada tested positive for COVID-19, with Rossi trying to lighten the situation with a series of stories about how she would leave food and a buzzer outside his room for him.

Just yesterday, she was announced as Best Instagrammer as voted by the people themselves. 


“Hate being negative on here but I owe it to you all to be honest as I can be.”

“To me, it’s not about how many followers I have, but how many people I engage with and actually converse with. You guys truly make my days.”


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A post shared by Valentina Rossi (@valentinarossiix)


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A post shared by Valentina Rossi (@valentinarossiix)

She ended by reminding people that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

“It’s OK to ugly cry if you have to,” she said. “I’m so grateful for the little things and people around me that love me.”

“And to all those going through hard times, speak up, you’re not alone and things will definitely get better.”

She ended her message by uploading an image of herself biting into dessert, saying: “this is how I’m celebrating. Crying and eating lemon cake.”

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