7 Weird Baby Names Malta Can Expect In 2017

What do you do when Chablis and Cleavage are already taken?

Trump Borg

As 2016's odd baby names slowly come to light, it's as good a time as any to look to the future and think of the endless iterations on Shaylie and Kaynzin 2017 will yield. So here are a few guesses at the trends we might see over the next 12 months.

1. Trump Borġ

You know this one is a complete inevitability. Other iterations may include Donald-Trump Borg (the whole shebang), Donal Borg (gotta keep it original), Donalt Borg (best of both worlds).


2. Gormi Cassar

Or should you wish to use their full name, Wied Gormi Cassar. 2017's answer to the infamous Cleavage, Wied Gomri heads a little further south, and a little further behind (hint, there's a crack in this one too).

Unhappy Baby430X240

3. Pho Żammit

We called this one a while back, but as a dinner option rather than a child's name. Still the Asian dish does have an interesting ring to it, and is short, sweet and to the point. 


4. Hugo's Baby Agius

Considering Hugo's brand has continued to expand further and further, it'll only be a matter of time until branded babies are a thing (and not the horrible hot metal branding, rather the horrible capitalist kind).


5. Triton Muscat

In celebration of the changes going on in Valletta's bus terminus (and in mourning of the lost date-filled treats) Triton seems a fitting name for the children of 2017.


6. Ġulepp Sultana

Times are tough and fuel prices are still on the rise, so many locals have turned to our Maltese-themed stripper name generator for assistance. Turns out, it can also be an invaluable source of baby names.


7. Marijuana Jane Camilleri

The winds (and smoke) of change are blowing, and it's only a matter of time before the plant is all anyone can talk about. This name has the potential to be a more formal version of the overused Mary Jane.

Smoke It

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