Malta's 2017 General Election Result Brought Out All The Memes, Of Course

What a time to be neutral and on the internet

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Maltese people on the internet have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to perfectly-timed memes in crucial times for the country, so everyone knew that there were bound to be dozens of memes being released all over social media as a result of this year's snap general election.

Over the weekend, popular meme pages geared up for what would inevitably be a hilarious Sunday to be alive, Maltese, and on the internet with a sense of humour.

And then, as soon as Sunday morning came and Labour announced another landslide victory just over an hour after counting started, all hell broke loose.

There's losing, then there's 2013 and 2017

"If winning general elections was a subject in school"

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Photo by Isaac Genovese

But some people couldn't help but notice something strange...


Others kept noticing the same couple of words being posted over and over again

And the Marlene / Godfrey dynamic duo could've definitely gone way better

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Image by Samwel Mallia

The second the carcades started, people were already 100% done with them

Others speculated - what would Simon Busuttil's first post-status look like?

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Photo by Daniel Dean Kingswell

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And what about Joseph Muscat's?

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No doubt unhappy with the result, posts relating to corruption were everywhere


The above was shared with the caption: 

"The average Maltese voter's thought process"

And while the celebrations continued, some people wondered what would happen to PN's Dar Ċentrali in these dire times

Let's face it; this wasn't your weekend if you're a PN supporter and a Juventus fan...


One thing's for sure though; this guy had the most artistic ballot paper out there

And maybe, just maybe, it's time for Malta to learn to take these memes for what they are; just that

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