This Sliema Shop Has All The Gifts For Men You Could Need

#ManGiftAnxiety: an affliction even worse than man flu

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What do you buy the man who has everything? Or just the average Maltese man who has everything given to him by his mother? We get it. The struggle of #ManGiftAnxiety is real. That's why we came up with some really sweet gift ideas with our friends at the Wine Boutique Franks. So scroll down slowly and thank us later. 

1. Fidel's Cigars

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Is your man a champagne-communist still mourning the death of Fidel Castro? Or is he just a megafan of Narcos who does really bad Scarface impressions? Either way, you may want to indulge his fantasies just this once and buy him a real Cuban cigar. 

Before you do, learn the word humidor. It's a humidity-controlled space to store cigars or tobacco products so they don't rot. Humidors come in little wooden boxes but Franks Wine Boutique has its own humidor room. Step inside and surround yourself with the wonderful aromas. You can choose from an incredibly wide selection, including the most famous Cuban cigar Cohiba which retails for €41 per cigar. You can read the amazing brand story on Wikipedia, but here's a spoiler: It was discovered and first mass produced by Fidel Castro himself. 

Maybe throw in a cheeky retro anti-socialist poster while you're at it. 

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2. A single malt with a story 

Wine Boutique Franks seriously needs to be renamed Whisky Boutique Franks. It houses the largest whisky collection in Malta, including at least 350 single malts. This is because Franks buys whisky from every distributor in Malta but also imports its own special selection from all over the world. 

The most expensive whisky in the house is a Glenfiddich 40-year-old. It retails at €3,800 per bottle. It's so pricey because there is so little of it. After 40 years, the volume of whisky in a barrel disappears substantially. The disappearing whisky is quaintly called the "angel's share". So because angels are such blatant alcoholics, only 600 bottles remain of Glenfiddich's 40-year-old. The one stocked at Franks Wine Boutique is the only one in Malta and it's registered as number 12. 

Not all interesting whiskies will break the bank though. There's a huge range at Franks so you're bound to find something well within your price range. One of the more interesting gift ideas is the semi-homegrown whisky: the Kilchoman Primus Cask Whisky. This is Kilchoman whisky done specifically for Franks Wine Boutique. It's finished in a barrel of Marsovin Primus Wine so it's got a bit of local heritage. It was unveiled at this year's Malta Whisky Fair which was also organised by Franks.

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3. A fancy bottle of gin (and a tasting tesh while you shop)

If your man is more into his gin, there's lots out here for him too. But don't choose your favourite gin before you taste them all. That's right, at Franks Wine Boutique you get to sample your gin (and even some of the whiskies) to make sure you know what you're getting. Gin tasting while you're buying gifts is the epitome of multitasking. 

And if you need to stir things up a little bit you can buy a bunch of fancy glasses and cocktail shakers to complete your gift. 

4. Manbags and other leather goods

Whether it's a gorgeous new manbag or leather wallet, you need to consider this beautiful Florentine brand The Bridge, which is stocked exclusively at Franks Wine Boutique. 

They also have journals, briefcases, belts and almost anything else you'd expect to come in some genuine leather. Throw in a silk tie and some cufflinks (also available from Franks) and you've got a complete look without any extra effort. 

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5. Rich man toys


For the hoarders among us who love having little (or even big) useless objects that just make our living rooms or offices that much more eclectic, Franks has a gorgeous collection of model boats, old racing cars, planes, retro footballs and literally everything else. 

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6. Beard supplies

If you're buying a gift for a bearded hottie, or even someone who just loves a good clean shave, you should think of getting him a nice grooming kit equipped with razors, barber blades, brushes, beard oil, beard shampoo, beard conditioner... The list goes on and on. And Franks has it all. 


7. And of course, a really nice bottle of wine... 

Whether your man likes new world wine, Italian wine, French wine or some really fancy Maltese wine, this boutique has it all figured out. One of the more interesting brands is Gosset, which is the oldest wine house in Champagne, opened in 1584. Its champagne is still made and bottled in the old style the way it used to be served to kings. Franks also houses some Marsovin classics like the house favourite Primus. 

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Throw in a few packs of delicious chocolates and your man will be pleased. 

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Chris Peregin