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9 Things To Do On Your Santa Marija Break

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Santa Marija is great for many things, and annoying for many others, but by far the best thing is having a week off work; a week where you’re free to do whatever you want, be it a leisure activity, or checking things off the to-do list you’ve ignored for weeks.

1. Wake up late

Kim Sleeping

Possibly one of the most satisfying things to do is to go to sleep without setting an alarm for the morning. During your time off live by the mantra “the longer you sleep, the better you feel”. So fuck everything (and everyone) – you’re sleeping till noon.

2. Go out to lunch with your significant other


This is one week where you’re not obliged to accompany your colleagues to lunch, so treat your partner to lunch at a fancy restaurant, or just one that’s special to the two of you! Daytime dates have a totally different dynamic to those at night, so enjoy the chance to do something different.

3. Go on a proper night out


You’re usually tired to survive a heavy night after a long day at work. Well, Santa Marija means no excuses – it’s time to fix your hair, wear something other than your sweat pants, and go on a crazy night out with your friends.

4. Visit your Nanniet


She’s constantly complaining about how she never gets to see you, and you always say that you’re too busy. Now that you’re not, you should just be a decent grandchild and go over to Nanna’s house (She’ll give you amazing food anyway, so it’s totally worth the trip).

5. Go on a shopping spree

Mean Girls

Do you find yourself always wearing the same clothes you bought ages ago, simply because you don’t have time to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Take this week as your opportunity to update your closet and stop looking like a hobo.

6. Get a tan


You’ve had enough of artificial light and the solution would be spending a day at the beach soaking up the sun and getting a tan. Sure, this year’s Santa Marija seems to have other plans, but maybe some UV is kicking in through the clouds.

7. Get your nerd on

Spongebob Study

Study for the resit you’ve been pretending doesn’t exist, read that book you promised your friend you’d get to, check out a couple of cool documentaries on Netflix – use your free time to learn something that isn’t just for work.

8. Give your pet some love

Cat Piano

Unfortunately, everyone ends up neglecting their pets a bit, since you’re never really home during the day. This week is the perfect time to spend some quality time with them, take your dog out for a run and some treats, or snuggle up with your cat and watch a film together.

9. The obligatory family BBQ

Family Bbq

This one is not optional, sorry about that. A BBQ with your family will be organised, and you must attend at all costs.

BONUS: Actually enjoy the feast


Festi are taking place all over Malta, so spending some time at a Santa Marija celebration wouldn’t do you any harm, and might actually turn out to be a lot more fun than you expected.

What else do you do on your Santa Marija break? Tell us on Facebook, or send us a Snap!

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