14 Maltese Women Currently Killing It On Instagram

Definitely ones to look out for

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Malta has its fair share of talented artists, popular singers, local celebs and models finding international fame, but it's Instagram where the island's best can be found strutting their stuff and raking in all the followers. 

Here are 14 Maltese women who are definitely ones to watch on Instagram. 

1. Rebecca Bonaci


An amazing artist who customises bike helmets and also happens to be the co-owner the amazing Oddity tattoo parlour. If you're looking for inkspiration, this is the place to be.

2. Malta Doors


The brainchild of Call Me Gwen, Malta Doors keeps getting more and more popular, and the woman behind the snaps is the one person responsible for making #DoorPorn a thing in Malta

3. Denise Gafa


50% tattoos, 50% crossfit, 100% awesome. Gafa was basically born to be on Instagram.

4. Tamara Webb


Popular blogger, stylist, photographer and fitness junkie Tamara Webb continues to rake in the views, and her Instagram feed has something for everyone.

5. Valentina Rossi


Everyone's favourite model-cum-radio DJ, Rossi's reputation precedes her. Her hilarious antics have us wanting more... and with a 15,000 strong following, a lot of people are watching.

6. Marie Claire Portelli


A social media influencer and Bikini n' Waves Ambrassador, Marie Claire Portelli has recently been racking up mean views, making it to the coveted 15k follower mark.

7. Monique Farrugia


Law-student-turned-Instagram-celebrity Monique Farrugia is all about those #FitnessGoals. In fact, she was also made an Ambassador of the Bikini n' Waves brand last year.

8. Stella Cini


Definitely one of Malta's breakthrough models and social influencers, Stella Cini isn't even 20 years old yet. She does nearly have 30k followers though, and with her recent feature on Tommy Hilfiger's official Instagram, that number is definitely set to get even higher. Oh, and she also happens to be one of Malta's most subscribed YouTubers with nearly 100k subscribers, in case all of that wasn't enough.

9. Sarah Zerafa


This model's name was on everyone's lips last year when her face started being seen anywhere from Instagram endorsements to online ads. 2018 doesn't seem to be any exception, as "Sosa" just breached the 30k follower mark.

10. Christabelle


24-year-old Christabelle is one of the island's most popular pop RnB singers. She's won the Best Solo Artist Award in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013... and is now making a killing on Instagram.

Oh, and she's also representing the country in this year's Eurovision Song Contest... so there's that. 

11. Ira Losco


Of course Malta's very own superstar diva was going to be on this list. The face of a host of brands and a still very active music career means Ira's Instagram feed is as varied as they get, and you'll never know what you're going to get. You could also get a rare adorable snap of little Harry himself!

12. Denise Dalton


Glamour model and social media starlet Denise Dalton is relatable AF. 

She also boasts a massive and very engaged Instagram following that's well over 50,000 followers. 

13. Madeleine Baldacchino


If Madeleine's face is familiar, that's because she's lately been featured on half the billboard ads around the island. Meanwhile, the redhead Supernova model is getting some ridiculous traction online, with her just over 350 Instagram posts gathering over 50,000 followers. 

14. Emma Muscat


18-year-old University student turned overnight-superstar had completely destroyed a singing challenge and made it onto the Amici show three months ago. Since then, she's gone from strength to strength, amassing well over one hundred thousand followers.

Even with some of the Amici housemates ganging up on her, Emma has still managed to win the hearts of thousands in Italy and around the world. Back in Malta, the young pianist, singer and songwriter shot to instant celebrity fame.

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