7 Carnival Costumes You're Bound To See All Over Malta And Gozo This Weekend

If you don't spot any of these, have you even left your house?

Carnival Costumes Malta Gozo 2019

As if the stars were aligning just in the time for a couple of days of debauchery, Friday 1st March has kicked carnival weekend off with a relatively sunny (albeit slightly windy) day. And seeing as it shouldn't be too stormy or too cold, everyone around Malta and Gozo will be ready to show off their costumes. Let the clone armies begin.

Look, our islands can get very creative when it comes to carnival costumes, but there's always bound to be a couple of very common outfits every single year based on popular TV shows, inside jokes, national controversies and viral moments.

With the last year being a very eventful one for Malta, here are seven costumes you're bound to see during this weekend's carnival celebrations. And if you were thinking of going as one of these, be warned; someone might've already thought of it before.

1. The Casa De Papel Salvador Dali heist suit

Whether you know it by its original name or as Money Heist, the Spanish Netflix show blew up many households around the island back in 2017. Now that the hype around the crime-drama has sufficiently built up with a third season on the horizon, expect a bunch of Maltese groups to show up to parties around the island in red boiler suits and Salvador Dali masks.

Minimum effort, sufficiently badass... and even comes with a hood just in case it rains.


2. Awrat

Another novel group costume... until you realise your group isn't the only one who's thought of it.

Following a historic storm last weekend which literally saw fish being propelled straight into the middle of the street in coastal towns like Xemxija, people showing up in a fish costume will definitely make an appearance this year.

The batshit event (which went viral all around the world) happened recently enough for people to consider changing their costume... or for those lazier among us to get a great last-minute idea. Expect a whole lot of awrat, people.

3. Sperms and... embryos?

Fact 1: There's always one group of lads that show up to Nadur's carnival dressed up as condoms and / or sperms.

Fact 2: There's always one group of revellers who decide to take a potentially offensive costume that one step too far.

If those two groups end up mixing, expect abortion - a hot topic on many an online Maltese blog - to make some sort of appearance. Sure it may be offensive to some (we're definitely not debating that), but aren't Malta and Gozo's spontaneous carnivals all about pushing those blurred lines that one step further?

Man Condom Costume

Pictured: You regretting all your life choices

4. Good old borderline cultural appropriation

Spanish flamenco dancers, Native Americans, Eskimos...

Take your pick; you're definitely going to be spotting a couple of these walking around the island's streets this weekend. Because nothing says "I get your people went through a purge but I have a #PassionForFashion" like an Indian headdress.

Screenshot 2019 03 01 At 10 17 12

5. Fully-fledged racism "imma OK ta' għax dawk kollha ħżiena"

A checkered handkerchief, a white duvet, a drawn-on beard, a make-shift suicide bomber belt, and maybe some slight blackface for good measure.

It's all good because they're the bad guys, right?

Screenshot 2019 03 01 At 10 20 49

haha tajba bro, vera oriġinali

6. X Factor Malta's judges

2019 began with Xarabank being (not so quietly) knocked off its decades-long top position as most viewed TV show in Malta, succumbing to international singing show X Factor's much-hyped arrival on the island.

And while all four judges got their fair share of boos and memes, we're willing to bet young singer-songwriter Alex Alden will feature the most in this year's X Factor-themed carnival costumes.

And let's face it; from Caesar tiaras to outbursts of "Really?!", Alex has had one of the most memeable years in Malta.

7. The Malta-Gozo tunnel

This one takes a bit more creativity than others to pull off, but we're sure at least one group of friends will put in the effort involved.

So you've got your two group leaders going as Malta and Gozo, and then a good six or seven people always walking between them, holding hands, dressed as different parts of the 13 kilometre tunnel that will connecting our two islands in the not-so-distant future.

Expect loads of selfies and one guy who tries to separate the group in a metaphoric and literal way.

Screenshot 2019 03 01 At 11 20 25

Picture this, but as nine drunk people

BONUS: Għajjien Man

Two years later, this stellar pun is still making the rounds online.

A perfect combination of Maltese laziness and our love of puns, perfectly timed with Avengers' latest blockbuster release in a couple of weeks? An absolute winner every single time.

Tag someone who has carnival plans!

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