8 Carnival Costume Ideas With A Maltese Twist

This year be sure to stand out

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With Carnival weekend fast approaching most people are currently either getting to the final stages of planning their costumes, or desperately trying to think of what to wear on the last weekend of February. 

If you're part of that second group, here are some ideas that will add a touch of 'Malta' to your costume. 

1. The Pastizzi Gang

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References to current controversies always manage to make an appearance in the streets of Nadur and Valletta, and with that notorious post about pastizzi still being fresh on everyone's minds and lips, this is as current as a costume can get. Have a shot at arts and crafts and get your whole squad to show up as your favourite flavour of pastizzi.

Be on the lookout for the inevitable Te fit-Tazza gang that will be roaming the same streets, because those guys are your soulmates in disguise. 

2. Trumpant


Sure, Donald Trump mania hasn't stopped for one second over the last couple of years (and it most probably won't for at least another four years), but with his surname being so close to the invented Maltese word for an elephant's penis, the possible hybrid costume ideas are endlessly beautiful. #Giggle

3. San Ixelu

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Every time that Malta experiences a power cut, il-Kbir San Ixelu is summoned on Facebook. A simple costume to pull off (if you've got a brown robe and a huge bulb lying around) and one that's sadly still extremely relevant – what with Malta's latest series of power cuts.

4. The "Shower Time" Bro

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Yes, this one's a 2016 Maltese meme, but having survived right up to the very end of last year, people will still appreciate a cheeky reference to the infamous Imliha Bro. And what with this week's opening of a Maltese bar in Thailand called Shower Time, it doesn't seem like this notorious viral video is going anywhere just yet.

5. The Paceville Masterplan 

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If you and your friends happen to be a tall bunch, consider collectively dressing up as a set of skyscrapers. Judging by the breakdown of the full plans, there are a bunch of different designs to choose from, so take your pick and get ready to win the award for the funniest, obscure costume of the weekend.

6. The "Small Willy" Guy

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The start of 2017 saw David Aquilina make headlines for a post on the Facebook group Recycle Malta, where a fake profile set up by his friends took the role of an ex-girifrliend and posted an "ad" about him. Trying to find a new home for David, the alleged ex-girlfriend praised the fact that he was toilet-trained, but made it a point to warn everyone of his "small willy".

The whole thing kept escalating to a point where Aquilina was actually offered a part in a Gaming commercial. And while this is a harder costume to pull off, it's definitely guaranteed to get a couple of chuckles – especially for the minimal effort required. A great last-minute costume, because nothing shows you're willing to make fun of yourself quite like a sign saying "I have a small willy" around your neck.

7. Scandalous Politicians

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As seems to be the tradition in Malta, these last couple of months have seen quite a lot of political scandals, with Konrad Mizzi's Panama Scandal and Chris Cardona's alleged minibar and brothel adventures making so many headlines. It would, quite frankly, be shocking if no one referenced them come Carnival 2017. 

8. Eileen Montesin, The 2006 "Ara Doris!" Era

We already mentioned this costume idea last Halloween, but seeing as the popular saying is now a decade old and was uttered (or rather, shouted) during a Carnival float presentation, there's no better time to honour this Montesin classic.

This is also the perfect costume for anyone who doesn't have enough time (or willpower) to work on a whole outfit, and is fine with just showing up in a pair of jeans and a brown jacket, spending the whole evening shouting "Ara Doris!" at random passers-by. 

Which costume will you and your friends be taking on? Let us know in the comments on Facebook!

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