Here's Everything There Is To Do In Malta This December

It might not be a white Christmas, but it's definitely a busy one!


It's no surprise that the last month of the year would have a whole list of things happening around the country, so here's our way of helping you sift through it all. For the more red-letter days of Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, check out our specific lists!

2 December: TALE Chapter IV: The Get Down

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You don't get to four events in quick succession unless you're doing something very right. Kicking off December with some old school hip-hop classics with a smidgen of trap, this party at Stardust looks like it's going to be another guaranteed success for TALE.

2 December: The Busker Album Launch: Telegram

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It's been a pretty good year for The Busker, and they're closing it in style with the launch of their debut album. A full 2-hour performance of the whole album, plus a few surprises. 

2 - 4 December: APS Teatru Unplugged 19

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The Manoel Theatre's longest running annual event is back and better than ever before, and the first weekend of December is when it's going down. 

2, 9, 10 December: Bla Kondixin

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6 years and 600,000 tickets later, the Maltese comedy geniuses are back for more. 

3 December: SilverTongue presents Drone Hunter

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SilverTongue's first event is a band extravaganza featuring instrumental band Drone Hunter and a Croatian instrumental in a great warehouse in the middle of nowhere. If that's not a solid debut, then we're not sure what is.

3 December: Dasha Rush & AnD

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The final event for 2016 by Entropy is their heaviest one yet, with a four DJ lineup at Liquid Club. Go hard or go home bro. 

3 December: Weather or Not!

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Another big Duncan F and Alex Thomson party, this time at Razzett l-Ahmar. 

3 - 4 December: Etnika album launch

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Etnika is launching its brand new album "Maddalena's Marvellous Tripfolk Klabb" with two shows in Valletta at Sala San Duminku, a relatively unknown venue, a small underground tier-seated theatre in the middle of Valletta, perfect setting for a Tripfolk Klabb.

3 - 4 December: Malta Comic Con

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The eight edition of the Malta Comic Con is coming back this December. Get your best cosplays ready!

3 - 4 December: The 2016 World Cat Show

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Yep, you read that right. The World. Show. Of CATS. In Malta. This is not a drill.

4 December onwards: Christmassy Sundays at The Villa

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The events guarantee: meeting everyone you know in one place, drinking mulled wine and eating roasted chestnuts, listening to some awesome live music with amazing artists like Lovin Lounge's very own Kevin Paul Calleja

7 December: Dead Disco

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This eve of a public holiday, there are as expected quite a lot of events going down. If disco's what you're looking for, then this is the night for you.

7 December: Rasta Thing

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It's never too cold for a reggae party, especially in Malta! Another solid rasta party brought to you by Juuls Sound and Freedom Fighters. 

7 December: WTB feat. Boston168

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Get ready to worship the bass at Liquid, and stay tuned for more info. on this big night on the official event wall!

8 December: Jazz Collective

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An insanely good collection of local jazz musicians at Electro Lobster Project? Sign us up. 

8 December: Blank Circus

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Blank's public holiday day parties are always ones to remember, and this definitely doesn't seem like it's going to be an exception. 

9, 10 December: Prog The Islands: Archipelaprog 

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Six bands all over the progressive rock spectrum, over two days. Christmas comes early this year.

9 December - 3 January: Bethlehem f'Għajnsielem

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The animated nativity village spread on 20,000 square metres of land is back this year, seeing off 2016 in traditional style.

10, 11 December: Omid Djalili Live 

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Award-winning comedian and actor Omid Djalili is coming back for two nights only as part of his Schmuck for a Night world tour. Don't miss out on this opportunity to laugh out so loud and for so long that you'll wake up the neighbours. 

10 December: Domus #2: Jack's Fusion and The Travellers

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A free event at Teatru Salesjani featuring two bands. 

10 December: A Night With Just Joseph and Robert Farrugia

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As part of the 40th year anniversary celebrations of when AZAD was set up, Be-Wild Events are back, this time with local ambient legend Robert Farrugia, and UK solo instrumentalist Just Joseph. 

11 December: T&T Book Sale

Screen Shot 2016 11 24 At 13 10 50

A lot of books up for sale, free coffee, wine and snacks. Sold, completely sold. 

12 December: Rock Ambjent #3 - People Not Profit!

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A party with a purpose, standing together in defiance of the towers that are soon going to be popping out of everywhere on the island. #InqasBiniIktarSigar

16 December: Sound Salon Christmas Special

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This one's a given - everyone you know and their mother is going to be there.

17 December: The Velts & CEERA Live

Screen Shot 2016 11 24 At 13 19 40

One alternative heavyweight, and the new kids on the block, at the The British Legion in Valletta. Fun!

17 December: Rock & Rave (Surfing Santa)

Screen Shot 2016 11 24 At 13 21 44

Playing the hits of the last 65 years is a pretty ambitious feat, but it seems to be working for the guys over at Rock & Rave. Their Christmas special is up next, at the delightfully 80s Beachaven. 

18 December - 8 January: SKRUĊ Panto

Screen Shot 2016 11 24 At 13 24 48

If Maltese pantos are your jam, you don't want to be missing this one.

22 December - 8 January: Un-Believe It! Panto

Screen Shot 2016 11 24 At 13 27 38

Heavyweight Alan Montanaro is back for more this year, with a panto that seems to centre around the Dame even more this year!

23 December - 8 January: Puss In Boots Panto

Screen Shot 2016 11 24 At 13 30 33

The other big panto is of course Masquerade's Teatru Manoel one, and this one has pretty much the same range of dates.

23 December: The Suburbanite & Friends Xmas Gig

Screen Shot 2016 11 24 At 13 33 27

If a low-fi folky electronic hipster Christmas weekend is what you're looking for, then you should really just stop looking and make your way to Azad this Christmas Friday!

23 December: Il-Prieka tat-Tifel

Screen Shot 2016 11 24 At 13 36 59

Josh is a Labourite, Sean is Nationalist, so you can imagine what's going down on their tenth anniversary. Tons of laughs on a subject that just never gets old in Malta.

26 December: Pudina tal-Milied

Screen Shot 2016 11 24 At 13 43 09

The legendary Danjeli is back for one more year to host one of the biggest post-Christmas Xmas parties, at Liquid Club of course. See of the big deal in style.

26 Dec - 8 Jan: Comedy Knights

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Following the MASSIVE success of last year’s show The Comedy Knights Three Times Funnier, the Lords and Ladies are coming back with this year’s festive season special: The Comedy Knights’ Just 4 Laughs powered by XFM.

Tag a friend who still has some free slots in the busiest social month of the year! 

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