Life in Malta: Expectations vs Reality

Things aren't always as they seem!

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Let’s face it – we all romanticize our holiday destinations. Although the Maltese islands remain a dream to some – those new to the island might be in for a few surprises

1. Expectation: It has perfect sunbathing weather

Reality: OMG my skin tho

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Hats, sun protection creams and UV protective swimwear will be your best friends in summer.

2. Expectation: It's excellent for hitting the beach and relaxing all day

Reality: Having to get there first though...

The solution is simple: plan in advance, leave earlier than you think, and avoid Sunday afternoons for the more popular beaches

3. Expectation: I'm gonna have the perfect Mediterranean diet

Reality: Pastizzi… glorious pastizzi

Which we are totally fine with, but just in case – you'll find more options here!

4. Expectation: Malta's just one tiny historic island!

Reality: It’s a (sometimes charming) mix of eras

...and most importantly, instagram-friendly. Make the most out of it!

5. Expectation: It's just seascapes and palm trees

Reality: Featuring the occasional concrete jungle

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Construction cranes currently form part of the permanent landscape in a bid for constant growth. Fear not, there still plenty of natural landscapes and pristine beaches.

6. Expectation: The locals are mean

Mediterraneans definitely don’t have a rep for being unfriendly – but the loud nature of many locals leads some tourists to proceed with caution.

Reality: You couldn't be more wrong

7. Expectation: Everyone's a prudish and devout catholic


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