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‘Pro-Life From Birth Till Death’: Grech Says On PN’s Stance On Assisted Dying

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PN leader Bernard Grech has insisted that the party will always be in favour of life from birth until death when facing questions over assisted dying.

“From our part, we have the same position we’ve always had. The PN is pro-life from birth till death,” Grech stated. “I don’t think the elections are a sound platform to make this an issue.”

“We can discuss it, but till now it was never addressed. There is no need for the government to continue playing with people’s emotions. If there is a need, we simply sit down and discuss. Beginning with what the experts have to say.”

Grech did reiterate that the issue does merit discussion, but did not want the issue to be brought up during an election campaign. He insisted that the issue remains a sensitive one, referencing his own mother’s health condition in the process.

“I sometimes have this dilemma with my mother, who is unable to communicate. But still, I do not feel as though I have the right to [let her die], even when she tells me to do so.”

“It is such an important subject that it should be respected in the right way. No party has given solid options on this, as of yet.”

With the passing years, Malta’s ‘pro-life versus pro-choice’ debate has been entirely focused on abortion, but as times roll on, little to no legislative change seems to have been instigated.

While Malta’s abortion debate remains overwhelmingly divisive, the general public seems to be warming up to the scarcely-discussed practice of assisted dying.

Presently, active euthanasia and assisted suicide are illegal in Malta.

Assisted suicide is considered a crime and is punishable by up to 12 years in prison. On the other hand, the withdrawal of treatment – a form of passive euthanasia – and palliative sedation are legal and, as of 2016, were carried out by 15% and 7.5% of doctors in Malta respectively.

What is your stance on Assisted Dying?

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