WATCH: Malta's Seafloor Has Become An Underwater Awrat Cemetery And It's Pretty Freaky

Look at all those skeletons

A video uploaded by a diver in Malta shows the sheer amount of dead fish that are littering Malta's sea bed following tonnes of fish being freed from local fish farms after last month's devastating storm.

In the video, which was posted by the diving page Raniero's Adventures, sea bream (awrat) skeletons can be seen all over the place, some in groups, and others riding solo.

Some skeletons can even be found under discarded plastic bottles as well as other pieces of litter.

Malta's sea bed was already full of weird stuff, but the new fish skeletons really give it a nice, maritime touch

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Screenshot 2019 03 09 At 11 48 51

Many people had questions about the state of the fish, and how they had died

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People were seen fishing for the free sea bream all over Malta following a historic storm

People were spotted all along the East coast, from Xemxija to Mistra Bay to Sliema and St Julians', and even Gozo, as entrepreneurial fishermen tried to luck in getting some totally free fish in a bounty that some said was sent by God.

What do you think of all these fish skeletons?

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