15 Articles That Perfectly Sum Up A Year Of Lovin Malta

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Lovin Malta was born one year ago today. Here's a quick breakdown of some of our favourite articles along the year, split up in three easy-to-follow categories: the Weird AF articles, our proudest moments, and the ones that went viral. Enjoy reliving a year of LM! 

Weird AF

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1. Gay Porn GIFs That Perfectly Summarise Life In Malta

That time we thought it would be hilarious to turn gay porn into GIFs.

2. Maltese Politics Gets Way Funnier With Snapchat

That time we gave Maltese politicians a much-needed Snapchat filter and the results killed us. 

3. Maltese Celebrities Without Teeth Is The Best Thing You'll See This Week

That time we photoshopped celebrities without teeth (or eyebrows) just because.

4. 6 Kelmiet Anali

That time our friend Michael Spagnol found six splendid Maltese words for ass. As he does.

5. Malta's Eurovision Without Music Is The Best Thing You'll See All Week

That time our partners at V Squared removed music from Malta's Eurovision entries and added a few twists of their own. 

Our proudest moments

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6. Lovin Malta Has Officially Registered Itself As A Political Party

That time we April Fooled the country into thinking we were serious about running for elections. Were we? 

7. The Morning-After Pill May Not Be Illegal After All

That time Yannick Pace discovered the morning-after pill isn't really illegal. Hours later, it was officially announced by the Medicines Authority.

8. Bill-bored

That time Beppe Coleiro slam-dunked the idea of allowing billboards at sea. Needless to say, the idea was dropped instantly. 

9. Meet Jake Vella, The Most Inspiring Kid In The World

That time we introduced this amazing human being to the world - and the world responded

10. WATCH: I'm Ben, I'm Two Years Old And I'm Making History

That time we introduced Ben, a child with Down Syndrome who also happened to be the first child adopted by a gay couple in Malta.

The most viral ones

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11. WATCH: America First, Malta Second

That time we sent a message to Donald Trump about grabbing life by the pastizz - and we made it to TIME.

12. Dinner In The Sky Coming To Malta This August

That time we got a foodie exclusive and Malta went bonkers.

13. Quiz: How Maltese are YOU?

That time our quiz entertained both Joseph Muscat and Daphne Caruana Galizia.

14. 13 Brutally Hilarious Memes Of The Azure Window Collapse

That time Malta mourned the loss of the Azure Window and besides a sleek video tribute, we decided to curate everybody's Facebook feed. 

15. 11 Things To Stop Telling People Who Live In The South Of Malta

That time we managed to offend everyone no matter where they live. If you still hate us for this, join us at Rock The South this weekend. We're hosting a silent disco in memory of this article.

And here's our one-year celebration video for those who don't like to read.

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