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This Is Why Malta Is The Best Place For A Hen Party

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Hen party pressure is off the charts nowadays. With every Instagram hen-post we see being more glamorous, more extravagant… more expensive; it’s scary to have to think about planning one. Bridesmaids will soon need their own support fund if things keep going the way they are.

Well, they needn’t fret. We have a solution – Malta. Here’s all the reasons why it’s is the perfect place to plan a hen do.

1. Getting here is easy

There are tonnes of low-cost airline routes to Malta, and there’s always some low-season sale waiting to be snatched up.

2. And it’s mostly cheap AF

You can go all night long on shots of tequila and barely even make a dent in your hen-budget.

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3. If you’re looking for a tanning haven…

It’s the perfect place. Malta enjoys so much sun for so much of the year, you’re bound to come away with that awesome sun-kissed glow.

4. It’s easy to get around

Malta’s tiny, you can get from one end to another in 45 minutes in decent traffic. We’ve got good cab services with handy apps which you can book in advance so you won’t have to worry about standing around trying to hail a taxi down.

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5. The food is delicious

All bridal parties love to get their food on. Whether it’s local grub or more worldly cuisine – you’re going to get your fix on these islands. You’re sea-food lovers? Okay, you’re totally sorted

6. And we’ve got awesome brunch spots

You know no hen do is complete without a killer brunch.

7. There are loads of spas all over the island

And they’re relatively inexpensive! There’s even an eco-spa if you’re looking to go for the healthy-hen option.

8. And great places to stay

Airbnb quality has really sky-rocketed in Malta, and you can get some amazing deals on typical local farmhouses with pools, barbecue areas, and generally a great Mediterranean feel. Tip: check out Malta’s sister island Gozo if you’re looking for more of a chilled-out, farmhouse-fun bachelorette time.

9. There are tonnes of fun activities 

Zorbing, zumba, even pole dancing lessons are available for filling up those day-time hours. If you do stay in Gozo, you could even kick it up a gear and go quad biking or kayaking

10. Nightlife is pretty epic

There are so many hangouts all over the islands (Paceville, Buġibba, Rabat, Valletta… all brilliant), and depending what time of year you’re coming – potentially an awesome music festival. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is your hangover…

11. And there are amazing beach resorts to recoup in

There’s literally no way you won’t feel the most relaxed you’ve ever felt in your life. 

12. It’s really safe!

Crimes rates are really low and everyone’s super friendly and helpful. If you’re ever lost, there’s always going to be a cute old lady standing in her porch just waiting to help.

13. You’ll have the best swim of your life

Especially if you come over a bit earlier or later than high season (July-August) when the beaches are less crowded and the Mediterranean sea is more gorgeous than ever!

14. Snacks are other-worldly good

From our local favourite pastry snack, pastizzi, to full blown Maltese platters filled with Medi-goodness – pit-stop snacks are what Malta excels at.

15. And you can wash them down with some fabulous cocktails

Nothing says ‘hen do’ like an ice-cold Mojito.

Tag the hens you know are getting married soon – better start planning!

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